Violinist Jennifer Pike was the organiser of the whole project – the repertoire ranged from the baroque to the brand new and everything in between…The performance I saw was wonderful, consummately musical and full of moments of true beauty…Knapik is not a composer I had heard before, but he is certainly one I am eager to hear again (Partita for Violin and Piano). Pike played with both delicacy and heat in turns, revealing the shape of a luminous and wonderful work…I was astonished by the sheer beauty of this music at moments, and the performers managed to hold the whole audience spellbound through the wonderful mystery of this work. The concert finished with Chopin’s Piano Trio in G minor op. 8. The vigour of the opening Allegro was a shock to the system after the dreamlike world of the Knapik and the compelling simplicity of the Górecki…After my ears adjusted, I was in a better place to appreciate the brilliance of playing in the trio – Poster and Pike added cellist Guy Johnston to complete the trio. They made their way with a warmth and precision of playing, communicating easily as the work unfolded…the trio gave a beautiful performance of the work, finishing to a rightly deserved powerful applause.